Scholarship For MBBS In Kyrgyzstan by Fexme Educational Organisation

Fexme Educational Organisation always care about our students and try to help in every possible way. So that we offer scholarships for best-performing students every year.

Not only that, after successful admission to kyrgyz Russian Slavic University, we offer 3 important kinds of stuff for every student, which are very helpful for medical students. They are,


Atlas of Human Anatomy textbooks by Frank.H.Netter

Doctor Coat [apron]

Scholarship Details

students scoring above 85% in the 1st academic year will get hostel fee discount

students scoring above 85% in the 2nd academic year will get free FMGE/NEXT EXAM class

students scoring above 85% in the 3rd academic year will get Apple -iPad

Based on first three academic year performance and online test, we will provide prepladder/marrow for next 3 years.

After completion of every academic year, there will be online test, based on that test student's will get additional scholarship.